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import React from 'react';
import PropTypes from 'prop-types';
import { platform, IOS } from '@vkontakte/vkui';
import Panel from '@vkontakte/vkui/dist/components/Panel/Panel';
import PanelHeader from '@vkontakte/vkui/dist/components/PanelHeader/PanelHeader';
import HeaderButton from '@vkontakte/vkui/dist/components/HeaderButton/HeaderButton';
import Icon28ChevronBack from '@vkontakte/icons/dist/28/chevron_back';
import Icon24Back from '@vkontakte/icons/dist/24/back';

import persik from '../img/persik.png';
import './Persik.css';

const osName = platform();

const Persik = props => (
				{osName === IOS ?  : }
		<img alt="Persik The Cat" src="{persik}">

Persik.propTypes = {
	id: PropTypes.string.isRequired,


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