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github ecadlabs / taquito / example / contract-schema.ts View on Github external
async function example() {
    const provider = '';
    const signer: any = new InMemorySigner('edsk3xkqabYfWWpcEKTWk75cRQv2bgHA3EHuuHSFH3ejqzKPx69Zh9');
    Tezos.setProvider({ rpc: provider, signer });
    try {
        const contract = await'KT1SawqvsVdAbDzqc4KwPpaS1S1veuFgF9AN');
        console.log("Printing contract methods...");
        console.log("Showing initial storage...");
        const op = await"tz1QZ6KY7d3BuZDT1d19dUxoQrtFPN2QJ3hn", 100).send({ fee: 30000, gasLimit: 200000 })
        console.log('Awaiting confirmation...');
        await op.confirmation();
        console.log(op.hash, op.includedInBlock);
        console.log("Showing final storage...");
    } catch (ex) {


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