How to use @superset-ui/legacy-plugin-chart-iframe - 1 common examples

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few @superset-ui/legacy-plugin-chart-iframe examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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new BoxPlotChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'box_plot' }),
        new BubbleChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'bubble' }),
        new BulletChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'bullet' }),
        new CalendarChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'cal_heatmap' }),
        new ChordChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'chord' }),
        new CompareChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'compare' }),
        new CountryMapChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'country_map' }),
        new DistBarChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'dist_bar' }),
        new DualLineChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'dual_line' }),
        new EventFlowChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'event_flow' }),
        new FilterBoxChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'filter_box' }),
        new ForceDirectedChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'directed_force' }),
        new HeatmapChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'heatmap' }),
        new HistogramChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'histogram' }),
        new HorizonChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'horizon' }),
        new IframeChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'iframe' }),
        new LineChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'line' }),
        new LineMultiChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'line_multi' }),
        new MapBoxChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'mapbox' }),
        new MarkupChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'markup' }),
        new MarkupChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'separator' }),
        new PairedTTestChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'paired_ttest' }),
        new ParallelCoordinatesChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'para' }),
        new PartitionChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'partition' }),
        new PieChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'pie' }),
        new PivotTableChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'pivot_table' }),
        new RoseChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'rose' }),
        new SankeyChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'sankey' }),
        new SunburstChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'sunburst' }),
        new TableChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'table' }),
        new TimePivotChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'time_pivot' }),
        new TimeTableChartPlugin().configure({ key: 'time_table' }),


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