How to use the @solid/oidc-rp.from function in @solid/oidc-rp

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few @solid/oidc-rp examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github solid / solid-cli / src / SolidClient.js View on Github external
async getRelyingParty(identityProvider) {
    // Try to load an existing relying party
    let relyingParty;
    const providerSettings = this._identityManager.getProviderSettings(identityProvider);
    if (providerSettings) {
      relyingParty = RelyingParty.from(providerSettings);
    // Create a new relying party
    else {
      relyingParty = await this.registerRelyingParty(identityProvider);
    return relyingParty;
github solid / solid-auth-client / src / webid-oidc.js View on Github external
async function getStoredRp(storage: AsyncStorage): Promise {
  const data = await getData(storage)
  const { rpConfig } = data
  if (rpConfig) { = storage
    return RelyingParty.from(rpConfig)
  } else {
    return null


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