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github Anveio / mturk-engine / src / utils / databaseFilter.ts View on Github external
export interface HitDatabaseFilterOption {
  readonly value: StatusFilterType;
  readonly label: string;

export interface AppliedHitDatabaseFilter {
  readonly key: 'STATUS';
  readonly value: StatusFilterType;
  readonly label?: string;

export const availableFilters: HitDatabaseFilter[] = [
    key: 'STATUS',
    label: 'Status',
    type: FilterType.Select,
    options: statusFilterTypeToLabel.reduce(
      (acc: HitDatabaseFilterOption[], cur: string, key: StatusFilterType) =>
            label: cur,
            value: key

export const appliedFiltersToStatusFilterTypeArray = (
  filters: AppliedHitDatabaseFilter[]
) =>


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