How to use the @reactivex/rxjs/dist/cjs/Subject.Subject function in @reactivex/rxjs

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few @reactivex/rxjs examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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var createInstances = function createInstances() {
  var ee1 = new EventEmitter1();
  var ee2 = new EventEmitter2();
  var ee3 = new EventEmitter3();
  var signalEmitter = new SignalEmitter(new EventEmitter3(), 'foo');
  var eventSignal = new EventSignal();
  var signal = new Signal();
  var miniSignal = new MiniSignal();
  var signalLite = new SignalLite();
  var subject = new Subject();
  var rProperty = reactiveProperty();
  var miniVent = new MiniVent();
  var observValue = observ();
  var observableValue = observable();
  var nsEmitter = namespaceEmitter();
  var dispatch = d3Dispatch('foo');
  var eventDispatcher = new EventDispatcher();
  var dripEmitter = new DripEmitter();
  var dripEmitterEnhanced = new DripEmitterEnhanced();
  var barracksDispatcher = barracks();
  var pushStream = push();
  var pipe = miniPipe();
  var pushStreamPatch = pushPatch();
  var microSignal = new MicroSignal();
  var pullNotify = pull.notify();
  var pullPushable = pull.pushable();