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constructor (providerOrRpc?: Rpc | ProviderInterface) {
    this._api = providerOrRpc instanceof Rpc
      ? providerOrRpc
      : new Rpc(providerOrRpc);
    this._cacheMap = {};
    this._eventemitter = new EventEmitter();
    this._isConnected = new BehaviorSubject(this._api._provider.isConnected());

    this.initEmitters(this._api._provider); = this.createInterface('author',;
    this.chain = this.createInterface('chain', this._api.chain);
    this.state = this.createInterface('state', this._api.state);
    this.system = this.createInterface('system', this._api.system);


A JavaScript wrapper for the Polkadot JsonRPC interface

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