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To help you get started, we’ve selected a few @pnpm/headless examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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ctx.existsWantedLockfile &&
        ctx.wantedLockfile.lockfileVersion === LOCKFILE_VERSION &&
        await pEvery(ctx.importers, async (importer) =>
          !hasLocalTarballDepsInRoot(ctx.wantedLockfile, &&
          satisfiesPackageManifest(ctx.wantedLockfile, importer.manifest, &&
          linkedPackagesAreUpToDate(importer.manifest, ctx.wantedLockfile.importers[], importer.rootDir, opts.workspacePackages)
    ) {
      if (!ctx.existsWantedLockfile) {
        if (ctx.importers.some((importer) => pkgHasDependencies(importer.manifest))) {
          throw new Error(`Headless installation requires a ${WANTED_LOCKFILE} file`)
      } else {{ message: 'Lockfile is up-to-date, resolution step is skipped', prefix: opts.lockfileDir })
        await headless({
          currentEngine: {
            nodeVersion: opts.nodeVersion,
            pnpmVersion: === 'pnpm' ? opts.packageManager.version : '',
          currentLockfile: ctx.currentLockfile,
          engineStrict: opts.engineStrict,
          extraBinPaths: opts.extraBinPaths,
          force: opts.force,
          hoistedAliases: ctx.hoistedAliases,
          hoistPattern: ctx.hoistPattern,
          ignoreScripts: opts.ignoreScripts,
          importers: ctx.importers as Array<{
            binsDir: string,
            buildIndex: number,
            id: string,
            manifest: ImporterManifest,


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