How to use the @nivo/sankey.SankeyDefaultProps.align function in @nivo/sankey

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        key: 'align',
        group: 'Base',
        help: 'Node alignment method.',
        description: `
            Defines node alignment method.
            Please have a look at the
            [official d3 documentation](
            for further information.
        type: 'string',
        required: false,
        defaultValue: defaults.align,
        controlType: 'choices',
        controlOptions: {
            choices: => ({
                label: key,
                value: key,
        key: 'sort',
        description: `
            Defines node sorting method. Must be one of:

            - **'auto'** order of nodes within each
              column is determined automatically by the layout.
            - **'input'** order is fixed by the input.


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