How to use the @material/textfield/foundation.MDCTextFieldFoundation.cssClasses function in @material/textfield

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few @material/textfield examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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} from '@material/textfield/adapter';
import {MDCTextFieldFoundation} from '@material/textfield/foundation';
import Input, {InputProps} from './Input';
import Icon, {IconProps} from './icon';
import HelperText, {HelperTextProps} from './helper-text';
import CharacterCounter, {CharacterCounterProps} from './character-counter';
import FloatingLabel from '@material/react-floating-label';
import LineRipple from '@material/react-line-ripple';
import NotchedOutline from '@material/react-notched-outline';

const cssClasses = MDCTextFieldFoundation.cssClasses;

export interface Props {
  // InputProps includes the prop `id`, which we use below in the constructor
  'children.props'?: InputProps;
  children: React.ReactElement>;
  className?: string;
  dense?: boolean;
  floatingLabelClassName?: string;
  fullWidth?: boolean;
  helperText?: React.ReactElement;
  characterCounter?: React.ReactElement;
  label?: React.ReactNode;
  leadingIcon?: React.ReactElement>;
  lineRippleClassName?: string;
  notchedOutlineClassName?: string;
  outlined?: boolean;