How to use the @keystonejs/session.restrictAudienceMiddleware function in @keystonejs/session

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few @keystonejs/session examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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const apiPath = this._apiPath;
    const graphiqlPath = this._graphiqlPath;
    const app = express();

    if (dev && graphiqlPath) {
      // This is a convenience to make the out of the box experience slightly simpler.
      // We should reconsider support for this at some point in the future. -TL
        new GraphQLPlaygroundApp({ apiPath, graphiqlPath }).prepareMiddleware({ keystone, dev })

    // { cors: false } - prevent ApolloServer from overriding Keystone's CORS configuration.
    // This probably isn't the right place to put this restriction middleware. -TL
    const restrict = restrictAudienceMiddleware({ isPublic: true });
    app.use(apiPath, restrict);
    app.use(server.getMiddleware({ path: apiPath, cors: false }));
    return app;


Tools to assist with setting up session management in your Keystone system.

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