How to use the @iobroker/adapter-react/Components/Utils.renderTextWithA function in @iobroker/adapter-react

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few @iobroker/adapter-react examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github ioBroker / ioBroker.iot / src / src / Tabs / Services.js View on Github external
renderChips(label, attr) {
        return (<div>
             e.keyCode === 13 &amp;&amp; this.onChipsAdd(attr)}
                onChange={e =&gt; this.setState({addValue:})}

             this.onChipsAdd(attr)} style={{marginLeft: 5, marginTop: -15}}&gt;

                {(this.props.native[attr] || '').split(/[,;\s]/).filter(a =&gt; !!a)
                .map(word =&gt;
github ioBroker / ioBroker.iot / src / src / Tabs / Options.js View on Github external
renderCard() {
        return (
                {Utils.renderTextWithA(I18n.t('amazon link'))}
                <button style="{{textAlign:" color="primary" size="small"> {
                    const win ='', '_blank');
github ioBroker / ioBroker.iot / src / src / Tabs / GoogleSmartNames.js View on Github external
this.setState({showSelectId: true})}&gt;
                 this.browse(true)} disabled={this.state.browse}&gt;{this.state.browse ? () : ()}

                <div style="{{marginTop:&quot;4rem&quot;,display:">
                <div style="{{"><div style="{{fontWeight:&quot;bold&quot;}}"> Auto Mode</div>
                <div style="{{marginTop:&quot;0.8rem&quot;,marginRight:&quot;0.8rem&quot;,}}">{I18n.t('To auto detect devices please assign a room and function to the channel if no channel available than assign to a device. Not only to the state or device. And enable them under SmartEnum/Intelligente Aufzählung')}</div>
                <div style="{{"><div style="{{fontWeight:&quot;bold&quot;}}">Manuell Mode</div>
                <span>{Utils.renderTextWithA(I18n.t("Please select a  <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer">TYPE</a> and a"))}</span>
                <span>{Utils.renderTextWithA(I18n.t("<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"> TRAIT</a> after adding a state.   To add multiple traits add a different id and trait but same smartname, type and room. Comma separated for mutiple smartnames.  To assign a room please use the ioBroker Enums/Aufzählungen.  With attributes you can for example set a range for the color temperature "))}</span>
                <span>  {Utils.renderTextWithA(I18n.t("<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"> Infos about Attributes you can find here.</a> Empty attribute is {}"))}</span>
github ioBroker / ioBroker.iot / src / src / Tabs / Extended.js View on Github external
{title: 'русский', value: 'ru'}
                ], {marginTop: 10})}<br>
                {this.renderCheckbox('Place function in names first', 'functionFirst', {marginTop: 10})}<br>
                {this.renderInput('Concatenate words with', 'concatWord')}<br>
                {this.renderInput('Replace in names', 'replaces')}<br>
                <div style="{{marginTop:">
                    {this.renderInput('OFF level for switches in %', 'deviceOffLevel')}
                    {I18n.t('(Set to 0 if behavior not desired)')}
                    {this.renderInput('Write response to', 'responseOID')}
                     this.setState({showSelectId: true})} aria-label="Add" style={{marginLeft: 5, marginTop: 10}}&gt;<br>
                    {this.renderCheckbox('Personal settings (only pro)', 'noCommon')}
                {this.renderCheckbox('Debug outputs', 'debug')}
github ioBroker / ioBroker.iot / src / src / Tabs / Options.js View on Github external
disabled={this.state.inAction || !this.state.isInstanceAlive}
                            title={!this.state.isInstanceAlive ? I18n.t('Instance must be enabled') : ''}
                            onClick={() =&gt; this.resetCerts()}&gt;
                        {I18n.t('Get new connection certificates')}
                        label={I18n.t('Request email with password one more time')}
                    <p style="{{fontWeight:">{Utils.renderTextWithA(I18n.t('help_tip'))}</p>