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github wellcometrust / / cardigan / fractal-app.js View on Github external
<hr style="margin: 6px 0;" class="divider divider--keyline divider--pumice">
    <h2 style="margin-bottom: 24px;" class="styleguide__font__example--HNM5">${item.label}</h2>
    <div style="margin-bottom: 24px;">
});'path', serverDir('views/docs'));'ext', 'njk');;

fractal.web.set('static.path', dir('./../dist'));
fractal.web.set('builder.dest', '.dist');

const cardiganTheme = mandelbrot({
  skin: 'navy',
  styles: ['default', '/dist-styles/styleguide.css'],
  favicon: '/cardigan-theme/assets/favicon.ico'
cardiganTheme.addStatic(serverDir('cardigan-theme'), '/cardigan-theme');
cardiganTheme.addStatic(dir('./../dist/assets/css/'), '/dist-styles');

export default fractal;

function dir(relPath) {
  return path.resolve(`${__dirname}${relPath}`);


The default theme for Fractal.

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