How to use the @crave/farmblocks-button.propTypes function in @crave/farmblocks-button

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few @crave/farmblocks-button examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github CraveFood / farmblocks / packages / modal / src / Modal.js View on Github external
Modal.propTypes = {
  isOpen: PropTypes.bool,
  parentNode: PropTypes.instanceOf(HTMLElement),
  shouldCloseOnOverlayClick: PropTypes.bool,
  shouldCloseOnEsc: PropTypes.bool,
  showCloseButton: PropTypes.bool,
  onRequestClose: PropTypes.func,
  onOpen: PropTypes.func,
  onClose: PropTypes.func,
  children: PropTypes.node,
  header: PropTypes.node,
  headerProps: PropTypes.object,
  footer: PropTypes.node,
  footerProps: PropTypes.object,
  cardProps: PropTypes.shape(ConstrainedCard.propTypes),
  closeButtonProps: PropTypes.shape(Button.propTypes),
  className: PropTypes.string,
  verticalAlign: PropTypes.oneOf(["flex-start", "center", "flex-end"]),
  zIndex: PropTypes.number,

export const ModalTitle = props => (