Import, scan, and fix in minutes

1. Integrate your environment

Run Snyk in your CLI, or seamlessly integrate your IDE, Git repos, or container registries.

2. Scan for vulnerabilities

Snyk automatically scans your projects for vulnerabilities and identifies severity rankings.

3. Deploy fixes

Snyk provides automated fix advice. Secure your code with one-click fix pull requests.

Fix code quality and security issues in your IDE

Scan your code for quality and security issues, and get fix advice right in your IDE. Snyk supports IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, and more.

Secure every layer of your app

Find and fix vulnerabilities in your code, dependencies, open source libraries, and Dockerfiles. Snyk integrates with your whole app stack.

Fix quickly and move on

Snyk provides automated fix advice in your CLI, IDE, Git repos, and container registries. With automated fix PRs, you can merge and move on.

Automate security at every stage of your workflow

Find and fix vulnerabilities as early as possible. Snyk integrates with your IDEs, Git repos, CI/CD, and containers.