Open source audit services from FossID

Snyk has partnered with FossID to help you take control of your open source software compliance and security.

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Confidential, comprehensive, clear software audits

Code confidentiality
with Blind Audit

Blind Audit never accesses or transfers your source code, scanning cryptographic hashes instead.

knowledge base

Audits leverage FossID’s and Snyk’s best-in-class knowledge base for compliance and security.

Snippet matching in
just 6 lines of code

FossID makes issue resolution simple by identifying vulnerable lines of code, not just a list of components.

A new standard in
M&A due diligence

Foss ID audit services help you manage your open source software and stay safe from legal and business risks, like copyright infringement, security vulnerabilities, and unexpected warranty claims.

Confidential service

FossID Audit Services

Let FossID perform open source audits of a target company, third-party code, or your own source code.


FossID Self-serve Audit

Use FossID’s self-serve model to audit a target company, third-party code, or your own code via a self-managed service.

Actionable reports for all teams

Audits include comprehensive reports in industry-standard formats, granting full insight into which open source components, files, and snippets along with their origins and licenses.

Executive Summary

High-level view of the open source licensing and security vulnerability status of your software ecosystem.

SPDX® Report

The industry standard for communicating the components, licenses, and copyrights associated with software packages.

Vulnerability Report

Comprehensive list of all detected Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) and Common Platform Enumerations (CPEs).

Interactive SBOM

A filterable view of all detected 3rd party open source components, files, and code snippets used to create follow-up actions.