Affecting python-perf package, versions centos:7: <0:3.10.0-957.5.1.el7 || rhel:7: <0:3.10.0-957.5.1.el7

high severity
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The kernel packages contain the Linux kernel, the core of any Linux operating system. Security Fix(es): * kernel: Use-after-free due to race condition in AF_PACKET implementation (CVE-2018-18559) * kernel: userfaultfd bypasses tmpfs file permissions (CVE-2018-18397) For more details about the security issue(s), including the impact, a CVSS score, and other related information, refer to the CVE page(s) listed in the References section. Bug Fix(es): These updated kernel packages include also numerous bug fixes and enhancements. Space precludes documenting all of the bug fixes in this advisory. See the descriptions in the related Knowledge Article: https://access.redhat.com/articles/3827321

Snyk ID
30 Jan, 2019