Affecting libxml2 package, versions <0:2.9.1-5.el7_0.1

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medium severity
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The libxml2 library is a development toolbox providing the implementation of various XML standards. A denial of service flaw was found in libxml2, a library providing support to read, modify and write XML and HTML files. A remote attacker could provide a specially crafted XML file that, when processed by an application using libxml2, would lead to excessive CPU consumption (denial of service) based on excessive entity substitutions, even if entity substitution was disabled, which is the parser default behavior. (CVE-2014-3660) All libxml2 users are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which contain a backported patch to correct this issue. The desktop must be restarted (log out, then log back in) for this update to take effect.

Snyk ID
27 Jun, 2018