Affecting nss-sysinit package, versions <3.44.0-4.amzn2.0.2

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medium severity
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Package updates are available for Amazon Linux 2 that fix the following vulnerabilities: CVE-2018-12404: 1657913: CVE-2018-12404 nss: Cache side-channel variant of the Bleichenbacher attack A cached side channel attack during handshakes using RSA encryption could allow for the decryption of encrypted content. This is a variant of the Adaptive Chosen Ciphertext attack (AKA Bleichenbacher attack) and affects all NSS versions prior to NSS 3.41. CVE-2018-0495: 1591163: CVE-2018-0495 ROHNP: Key Extraction Side Channel in Multiple Crypto Libraries Libgcrypt before 1.7.10 and 1.8.x before 1.8.3 allows a memory-cache side-channel attack on ECDSA signatures that can be mitigated through the use of blinding during the signing process in the _gcry_ecc_ecdsa_sign function in cipher/ecc-ecdsa.c, aka the Return Of the Hidden Number Problem or ROHNP. To discover an ECDSA key, the attacker needs access to either the local machine or a different virtual machine on the same physical host. 1591163: CVE-2018-0495 openssl: ROHNP - Key Extraction Side Channel in Multiple Crypto Libraries


Snyk ID
13 Nov, 2019