Affecting curl package, versions <7.55.1-10.amzn2.0.1

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medium severity
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NVD Description

Note: Versions mentioned in the description apply to the upstream curl package. See Remediation section below for Amzn:2 relevant versions.

Package updates are available for Amazon Linux 2 that fix the following vulnerabilities: CVE-2018-1000122: 1553398: CVE-2018-1000122 curl: RTSP RTP buffer over-read A buffer over-read exists in curl 7.20.0 to and including curl 7.58.0 in the RTSP+RTP handling code that allows an attacker to cause a denial of service or information leakage CVE-2018-1000121: A NULL pointer dereference flaw was found in the way libcurl checks values returned by the openldap ldap_get_attribute_ber() function. A malicious LDAP server could use this flaw to crash a libcurl client application via a specially crafted LDAP reply. 1552631: CVE-2018-1000121 curl: LDAP NULL pointer dereference CVE-2018-1000120: 1552628: CVE-2018-1000120 curl: FTP path trickery leads to NIL byte out of bounds write It was found that libcurl did not safely parse FTP URLs when using the CURLOPT_FTP_FILEMETHOD method. An attacker, able to provide a specially crafted FTP URL to an application using libcurl, could write a NULL byte at an arbitrary location, resulting in a crash, or an unspecified behavior.


Upgrade Amzn:2 curl to version 7.55.1-10.amzn2.0.1 or higher.


Snyk ID
13 Nov, 2019