You chose…wisely. Making informed open source package decisions


Software development is increasingly about composition. Modern developers are able to stand on the shoulders of giants, using a wealth of open source libraries to build software quickly and delightfully. Gone are the days when you needed to delve into the lowest levels of the machine to get anything done.

More and more open source packages are released every day on npm, PyPI, Maven Central and other central repositories. New versions of libraries are released hourly. We’re seeing new open source and open source-like licenses be proposed and see early adoption.
Attackers are finding ways of using the open source toolchain to scale attacks. How do you choose the best library when considering sustainability, security and compliance as well as functionality?

In this talk we’ll understand why package health is important and how Snyk can help you to make sustainable library choices and minimize future maintenance like:

• Making sure you consider open source license implications as part of development
• Considering the security history, maintenance history and other projects attributes
• Automating dependency management to keep versions up-to-date

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Daniel Berman
Director of Product Marketing, Snyk