Kubernetes Security with Snyk


Whether you’re a developer building applications on Kubernetes, or part of a platform team responsible for providing a Kubernetes-based platform, you’re hopefully thinking about how best to build (and run) secure applications.

In this talk we’ll start small, looking at an individual application and it’s associated configuration. We’ll look at sensible decisions you can make early on to make it easier to secure your app later. We’ll talk about build tools, base images and tradeoffs and demonstrate the Snyk Container and Snyk Infrastructure as Code functionality that can help.

But we’ll also talk about Kubernetes in-the-large. What happens when you have lots of teams, lots of applications, even lots of Kubernetes clusters? As well as showing tooling that can help you scale securely, we’ll discuss the people and organizational challenges that arise from alert fatigue and too much data, and the tradeoffs between control and responsibility.

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Iulia Manda
Software Engineer, Snyk

Gareth Rushrgrove
VP of Product, Snyk