.Net and Snyk – Being secure doesn’t have to be complicated


.NET is a powerful but fairly complex ecosystem. Staying secure is not easy since some level of security knowledge and a good understanding of .NET is usually required to tackle code and open source vulnerabilities. Today it takes developers a considerable amount of time to stay secure and often guidance and assistance are needed from the security team that in turn impacts how fast you can move! We would like to give you an insight into how you can leverage Snyk to move fast with .NET while also staying secure.

To be able to successfully integrate security, security tools need to be developer-friendly – they need to integrate into the tools and processes developers are already using and they need to provide actionable advice. While some solutions are able to flag issues in .NET code and dependencies, for example, they don’t provide actionable fix advice. This makes it very difficult to take action and fix issues in a timely enough manner.

In this session, we will provide an introduction to Snyk’s approach to .NET security, an approach based on three main building blocks:

Cross-SDLC integrations into developer tools and processes, such as VScode, Visual Studio, Azure Repos and Azure DevOps
Actionable and contextual fix advice enabling you to resolve vulnerabilities in your code and dependencies with the help of clear explanations and actionable suggestions
.NET security intelligence, powered by Snyk Intel vulnerability database and guaranteeing accurate test results

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Toni Devine
Associate Software Engineer, Snyk

Philippe Stemberger
Principal Solutions Engineer, Snyk