Monitor your Serverless and PaaS applications for known vulnerabilities

Protect and monitor your Node.js, Ruby, Python, Scala and Java apps.

Great teams use Snyk to protect their apps

  • New York Times
  • Macy's
  • BBC
  • Big Panda
  • Wix

83% of Snyk users found security vulnerabilties in their dependencies

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A screenshot of the Snyk website showing test reports alongside each project

Snyk tracks over 800,000 open source RubyGems, npm, Maven and PyPI packages

Snyk secures your applications

  1. Automatically test your applications dependencies
  2. Fix security risks with upgrades and patches
  3. Prevent you from adding vulnerable dependencies
  4. Alert about new vulnerabilities

The most efficient way to solve a vulnerability is to do it as soon as possible. The mere notion of stopping for a security audit is just not feasible in today’s continuous world of software development. Snyk matches how we work by addressing and solving vulnerability issues during the development process itself.

– Nadav Abrahami, Co-Founder of Wix