Securing Open Source pipeline using Plug-n-Play Scanning

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Amol Deshpande, Product Security Engineer, Sales Force

Salesforce believes in giving back to the community, and one of the ways engineers can give back is by open sourcing the work they have done so that other individuals can benefit from it.

Until July 2020, the requests to open source any internal Salesforce work were reviewed by Product Security manually and it soon became a bottleneck. We developed an automation service that seamlessly connects with the internal task-tracking system and internal security tools to provide a consolidated scan report of the repository to be open-sourced saving at least 150 hours of manual work per year.

This framework can now be extended to be a plug and play security scanning/testing framework capable of incorporating any tool.

Curious for more? Learn why Snyk is loved by both developers and security teams and how you can secure your open source projects and entire Cloud Native Application Stack.

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Snyk é uma plataforma de segurança para desenvolvedores. Integrando-se diretamente a ferramentas de desenvolvimento, fluxos de trabalhos e pipelines de automação, a Snyk possibilita que as equipes encontrem, priorizem e corrijam mais facilmente vulnerabilidades em códigos, dependências, contêineres e infraestrutura como código. Com o suporte do melhor aplicativo do setor e inteligência em segurança, a Snyk coloca a experiência em segurança no kit de ferramentas de todo desenvolvedor.

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