Find, fix and monitor open source vulnerabilities in your Pivotal Platform Applications

Use Open source and stay secure with continuous monitoring of Pivotal Platform applications for known vulnerabilities. Snyk communicates directly with Pivotal Platform to determine what code is being deployed and what open source dependencies are being used. It then scans them for security vulnerabilities and license issues. In addition to identifying the issues, Snyk provides patches as part of the buildpack to automatically remediate them.

*Compatible with Pivotal Application Service (PAS)

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Coming Soon

Snyk for PKS

Detect vulnerabilities in Kubernetes workloads

Gate deployments to Kubernetes clusters

Base image upgrade recommendations

Gate Pivotal deployments

Put a policy in place to fail a deployment in case the build introduces new critical
vulnerabilities or license violations.

Secure your container images

Scan containers for vulnerabilities, get fix advice and base image upgrades, and monitor for newly disclosed vulnerabilities. Define policies to gate vulnerabilities on your container images.

Pivotal Platform integration

Continuously monitor and alert on new vulnerabilities

Snyk will continuously find and alert you on the latest security vulnerabilities in your running applications using Snyk’s direct communication with Pivotal Platform.

Automated fix pull requests

Fix vulnerable dependencies without slowing development with seamless integration into existing workflows.

Generate reports and bill of materials

Know the state of your security with a consolidated view of vulnerability and license data, including CSV downloads and API extractions.

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