The easiest way to fix container vulnerabilities

There are thousands of vulnerabilities that can show up in containers that expose your apps to risk.

Scan your containers for vulnerabilities using automated fix advice within the familiar Docker interface. Create your free Snyk account to enable integrated Docker security.

Choose a secure base image using Snyk’s built-in recommendations

Snyk detects the base image you’re using and provides base image recommendations, so you can build securely from the start in Docker Desktop.

Find and fix container vulnerabilities in seconds

Run a container scan with a simple docker scan command. Snyk will pinpoint the vulnerabilities and tell you how and where to fix them.

Share containers securely with Docker Hub scanning

Keep your team informed of the security status of every image by turning on one-click Snyk vulnerability scanning in Docker Hub.

Secure Docker containers by fixing known vulnerabilities

Automatically find and fix container vulnerabilities with Snyk, so you can ship your containerized apps faster, securely. Create your free Snyk account to enable integrated Docker security, at the start of the development lifecycle.