Product Security Automation at Asurion

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Jeremy Young, Principal Security Engineer, Asurion

Using a developer-first toolkit has been key to Asurion’s growth and our ability to scale Security to meet the growing demands of our Product teams. While we continue to hone our craft it’s important that we use the best-of-breed tools to provide developers with actionable information, information that helps mitigate risk early in our development lifecycle.

In this SnykCon talk Jeremy Young shares how Asurion uses Snyk as part of this toolkit to identify risk, potentially break builds and ship needed information to a SIEM for visualization by executives and by the SOC.

Do you build your software securely? Snyk’s security platform enables the entire cloud-native application to be built quickly and securely in a DevOps environment. Book a Snyk demo to see it for yourself:

Simon Maple
October 23, 2020
| By Simon Maple