Snyk Documentation

TeamCity configuration parameters

Parameters Description and values
Snyk settings  
Severity threshold Default: low
For the first vulnerability found in your build with the threshold as configured, the build fails. 
Monitor project on build Default: ON
Snyk runs the snyk monitor command during the build, sending a project snapshot to the Snyk app and continuing to monitor the project for vulnerabilities even after this build.
File Optional. 
If the manifest file is not on the root level, enter the relative path to that file.
Organization Optional. 
The ID of the Snyk organization to which this project should be associated when imported to the UI.
Copy the Organization ID from the Snyk UI in the Settings area. 
Project name Optional. 
Enter any unique name for this project to recognize it when viewing from the Snyk UI.
Additional parameters Optional. 
Enter additional CLI arguments as necessary. See our CLI documentation and cheat sheet for additional information.
Snyk tool settings  
Snyk API token

From the Settings area in the Snyk UI, copy the Org or Personal API token or create a service account. This is the token used to authenticate your Snyk account when connecting to TeamCity.

Snyk version Default: the most recent version 
Select the plugin version to be used in your build if you would like an older Snyk CLI version to support the plugin.
We recommend configuring automatic upgrades and using the most recent version.
Use custom build tool path Specify which tool instance in your local environment is to be used for this build by Snyk.
Otherwise Snyk auto-detects the tool and locates it in your environment based on project type.