Snyk Documentation


The Broker client can be installed and configured for use with one or more Git repos, and also with your on-prem Jira when installed behind a firewall.

The connectivity to an on-prem Git repo is achieved by running the Snyk Broker (“Broker client”)  inside the customer’s network on a host that has access to the on-prem SCM as well as outbound access to

The Broker is an open source project hosted at GitHub, published as a set of Docker images, and each configured for a specific integration. It is best to install the Broker client as a Docker image. Futhermore, you can customize configuration by using the environment variables offered in the Docker images, also specific to each integration. For this reason, you should install separate, multiple instances of the client for different integration types to ensure proper configuration as well as redundancy (two GitHub instances in one deployment should be separate from a Bitbucket or Jira deployment for example).

To install, configure and roll out your Broker client and repo integration, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare for deployment
  2. Enable permissions for Snyk from your repo/Jira
  3. Retrieve a unique Broker client token
  4. Install and configure the client
  5. Import projects to Snyk