Snyk Documentation

Service accounts

You can set up a service account to be used for continuous integration (CI) and other automation purposes without using an actual Snyk user’s token. Service accounts are a special type of system user that has only an API token associated with it, substituting for standard user credentials. Use this token to provide credentials for accessing your Snyk account when setting up integration with your development tools and when working with our CLI and API. For more information about our APIs, see our API documentation.

You can generate single or multiple tokens on the organization or group levels to manage your integrations. Use group-level tokens to access group API endpoints, organization API endpoints, and the CLI—for all organizations within the group.

Each service account has a unique name associated with it to make it easier to recognize. The name is unique for the organization and cannot be re-used.

By using a service account token, you can:

  • Create multiple tokens for different uses or integrations in order to manage each separately
  • Ensure seamless integrations even when employees change roles or close their Snyk accounts, for example

Work with service accounts: