Snyk Documentation

Retrieve a unique Broker client token

In order to enable the Broker client to contact the Broker server (Snyk servers), you need to provide the client with Snyk credentials. Snyk credentials are granted with a Broker UUID token, which you can enable through our Support team.

For each organization in Snyk, you can only configure one instance of each integration type. For example, a single organization can integrate with one GitHub repo and also one Bitbucket repo. Similarly, you can run only one Broker for each integration type per organization. This means that any organization can have one integration for each of the different integration types from a single Snyk organization.

At the same time, a second, separate, integration can only be associated with a different organization in Snyk. For example, organization X can integrate with GitHub X and Bitbucket X. If you also work with GitHub Y repos, then you must associate those repos to any organization in Snyk other than organization X.

On the other hand, you can choose to use the same Git across multiple organizations in Snyk by simply using the same Broker token for all of the different organizations. For example, you can integrate Snyk organizations X, Y and Z with your single Git repo X.

To do this, first ensure the token has been created for the desired organization, and then create a new additional organization based on the original. When you do this, the token is cloned for the new organization and you can now enable the Broker for it.

To retrieve a Broker client token:

  1. Contact Snyk support to enable Broker functionality.
  2. Once the Support team enables Broker for you, the fields in the Settings=>Integrations area for that specific integration update and now display the Broker token. You need this token to install the Broker client.
  3. To retrieve the token, from your account navigate to Settings=>Integrations.
  4. From the row for the integration you’re setting up, click Edit settings.

    Note: Since you have not yet installed and configured the client, the notification from this screen correctly displays “Could not connect to…”.
  5. Copy and paste the credentials/token in a file on the desktop to use in the environment variables of the command line argument when you install the client: Install and configure the client.