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Counting contributing developers

When tracking usage of your Snyk subscription, it can be useful to know how many developers are contributing to the private repositories you’re monitoring with Snyk.

The list of your contributors is displayed from the Group and the Organization usage settings, listing the number of active contributors per integration; developers who have made at least one commit in the last 90 days for any monitored private repo are counted uniquely.

As part of the import process when you select a private repo to be monitored by Snyk, Snyk counts the contributing developers retroactively based on information received from the Git repo API and thereafter, on a daily basis. The feature is available for all of our subscriptions, including with Broker from version v4.60.0 and up for on-prem installations.

Supported integrations

  • GitHub and GitHub Enterprise
  • GitLab

How do we count contributing developers?

In all cases, Snyk counts contributors per integration, according to which we only count:

  • Users who contributed at least one commit to any of the private repos during the last 90 days.
  • Contributors to the default  branch of the repos in the integration.
  • The count is based on the unique number of local environment Git email addresses, or alternatively, if the email cannot be retrieved for any reason, then we base the count on the Git service user name instead.

For more info, see our FAQ page

View the contributor count

  1. Navigate to the relevant group or organization.
  2. Select Settings=>Usage and scroll down to view contributor data.