Snyk Documentation

Install and configure the client

Install the Broker client using the Docker image designed for the specific repo (or Jira). The relevant command line argument and environment variables are fully detailed per integration in the following location:

At this Docker Hub location you can find the following details and instructions:

  • Unique Docker images for each of the different available integrations. Use the command line arguments and environment variables relevant to the integration you are deploying.
  • A full description of the mandatory environment variables per integration type—from the README file, in the opening section for each of the different integrations, the mandatory variables are listed.
    • In addition, take special note of the following: For the hostname of your private repo/Jira deployment, use the URL of the repo without the https:// prefix, such as
    • For the Broker client URL, enter the full URL of the Broker client that you installed on your network including the HTTP prefix and the port suffix. For example: https://gitlab-broker.companyname:7341
  • Advanced installation instructions in cases when you prefer to build your own Docker image as part of the installation, providing an additional layer of security
  • Advanced configuration instructions for: HTTPs, SCM certificates and customized approved lists
  • Instructions for monitoring and troubleshooting, such as /healthcheck and /systemcheck
  • When installing the client, if you wish to authenticate with an API token, then provide the username (usually an email address) as the JIRA_USERNAME and the API token as the JIRA_PASSWORD.

Here’s an example of the parameters and values for Bitbucket:

docker run --restart=always \

          -p 8000:8000 \

          -e BROKER_TOKEN=secret-broker-token \

          -e BITBUCKET_USERNAME=username \

          -e BITBUCKET_PASSWORD=password \

          -e \

          -e \

          -e BROKER_CLIENT_URL= \

          -e PORT=8000 \


Tip: save the command-line arguments and values to copy and paste when you need to upgrade in the future.

Note: the Broker token is as sensitive as user credentials. Do not share it with others or distribute it electronically.

To install and configure the Broker client:

  1. Download the Broker Docker image from here:
    with the docker pull command. You must indicate a specific tag for the pull to succeed; indicate the integration platform as the snyk/broker tag, similar to the following example:
    docker pull snyk/broker:github-com
  2. Use the command line arguments for the integration you want to set up as detailed in our Docker README (same location), entering the correct values for the different environment variables, including the values you prepared and saved on the side: the token/credentials you set up for Snyk (Enable permissions for Snyk from your repo/Jira) and the Broker token (Retrieve a unique Broker client token).
  3. Press Enter to run the command arguments.
  4. As part of the output, “identifying Broker server” appears towards the end of the log results, indicating connection has been established.
  5. Refresh the Snyk app.
  6. If this is an installation for upgrade, you can continue working as before.
  7. Select the organization with which you are integrating and navigate to Integrations where you can now see the Add projects button is enabled. For example, if you asked Support for GitLab integration, the relevant button is now activated similar to the following image:
  8. To add projects for scanning, see Import projects to Snyk.