Snyk Documentation

Configuring the Snyk plugin

Once the plugin has been installed, authenticate your account and display the Snyk Results tab in order to get started.

If you need more help with the Eclipse UI, see their docs for instructions.

  1. From your Eclipse instance, go to the Preferences dialog and click on Snyk Vuln Scanner to view the preference options.
  2. Click Authenticate.
    The Snyk app opens in your default browser.
    If you have an account, log in for authentication to complete.
    If you're already logged in, authentication completes automatically.
    If you don't have an account, create your Snyk account to enable authentication.
    Once authentication is complete, the API token from your Snyk account automatically appears in the Snyk API Token field of the Eclipse Preferences.
  3. The Custom Endpoint field is designed for a private network Eclipse setup.
    If that's your case, enter the Snyk endpoint as configured with your Broker client or on-prem solution.
  4. Apply and close the window.
    That’s it! The plugin is configured.
  5. Now, open our view to get started.
    Go to Window=>Show Views=>Other, scroll to the Snyk folder, click Snyk Results and click Open.

    The Snyk Results tab opens: