Snyk Documentation

Configuring license policies

Admins can configure the following per license:

  • The level of severity—severity values include None, Low, Medium and High. When None is selected, instructions cannot be inserted since no licenses marked with None appear in any Snyk test results.
  • Instructions for developers—enter free text to provide any necessary instructions for developers. We recommend describing your company’s specific policy, explaining the need for collaboration from your developers as well as providing them step-by-step instructions if any are needed


  • You must be an admin of the organization in order to update the License settings.
  • This feature is available for all paid plans.

To configure license policies: 

    1. Navigate to the organization for which you want to configure license policies and then to Settings=>Licenses:
    2. Scroll to or search for the license that you want to configure and change the severity from the dropdown list:

      The new severity is automatically updated on our servers. Once the next scheduled test runs, or once any user re-tests a project in the organization, updated results are delivered according to these changes.
    3. To enter an explanation and recommendations for remediation, click Add instructions and enter your text.
    4. Click Add to save your changes to the instructions.
      Once added, the Add instructions link becomes Edit instructions.
    5. Now, once the next scheduled test runs, this is what happens for all of the users in the organization:
      • If you changed severity, Dashboard statistics update based on severity changes:
      • The results update accordingly too, including any instructions or severity changes you made:
      • Results in the CLI update accordingly as well: