Snyk Documentation

Adding workloads for security scanning

Once an administrator for your Snyk account has installed the Snyk controller on your Kubernetes cluster, collaborators can add new Kubernetes projects to Snyk for testing and monitoring.


  • You must have an account with Snyk and be onboarded to your organization by an admin.
  • The integration must be configured between Snyk and your Kubernetes environment.


  1. Go to the Projects page, click Add project and select the Kubernetes option.
    The import screen loads, similar to the one below, displaying all namespaces from the Kubernetes environment on the left and relevant namespace workloads on the right:

  2. Select one or multiple namespaces from the left side and for each namespace, select one or multiple workloads to import from the right side.

  3. When ready, click Add selected workloads from the top right of the screen.
    When the import completes, the Projects page loads and all workloads that you’ve imported appear, with a unique Kubernetes icon . Each item is named according to its Kubernetes metadata as follows: <namespace>/<kind>/<name>.
    You can filter for Kubernetes projects only: