Snyk Documentation

Add projects to Snyk

Snyk tests and monitors repositories that are in any of our supported languages by evaluating root folders and custom file locations.
To add repositories to Snyk from your preferred Git or CI/CD tool:

  1. Go to Projects and click Add projects. Choose the tool from which to import your projects:
  2. A popup screen opens with all the available repositories under the selected integration:
  3. Select the repos that you would like to import to Snyk to monitor them for security / license issues.
  4. Click Add selected repositories. Snyk evaluates root folders and custom file locations. If no manifest files are found on the root level or in the paths you configure, Snyk notifies you that no files can be imported.

Adding custom file location

If manifest files are not in the root folder for any of the repos you selected, add a custom file location from the Settings section at the bottom of the view, so that Snyk can import manifest files that are not in the root folder:

  1. From the Add custom file location dropdown list, select the relevant repo for which you would like to configure a custom path. The repo must first be selected from the Add Projects view, as described in the previous step.
  2. In the text field, enter the relative path in which the manifest file is located, as demonstrated in the image above.
    Note: this field is case sensitive.

Excluding folders

To exclude specific folders from being imported, specify the names of the folders that you want to exclude from the search (maximum 9 folders). Separate names with commas.
Note: this field is case sensitive and the pattern applies for all repos.