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Our Users Love Snyk

Adam Thompson

Information Security Officer, Deliveroo

“I’d like to call out Snyk’s ease of use when it comes to integration. You can go from no visibility to full visibility really quickly with no interruptions to workflow Snyk provides a high level of control, which is great.”

Alex Harriss

Security Engineer, Skyscanner

“Snyk is one of the most important security tools we use at Skyscanner. You’ll realise how important it is when you actually get it integrated”

Tom Czarniecki

Tech Lead, DigitalOcean

“Snyk’s immediate notification on a newly disclosed critical Ruby vulnerability enabled us to react quickly and upgrade our front-door applications using Snyk’s automation.”

Peter Vanhee

Engineering Practice Lead at Comic Relief

“You can tell Snyk was built by developers for developers”

Leif Dreizler

Security Engineering

“We didn’t trust the security coverage (provided by other evaluated solutions) was comprehensive enough, which later comparing to Snyk was indeed clear…”