Why Snyk?

Be part of something bigger

We are on a mission to make the digital world a safer place. Thousands of companies all over the world use Snyk to help their engineering teams develop faster, and more securely. We are at the forefront of modern development processes, empowering developers globally through our automated security tools, remediation advice and leading vulnerability database.

Developer by developer, we are shaping the future of security.

Join us on our growth journey

We’re building a culture and community at Snyk where people are challenged and doing work they are passionate about. Our Snyk family is comprised of experienced leadership, industry thought leaders, community speakers, content creators and product developers. Join us and learn from industry experts as we collectively shape the future of modern application security.

Snyk All Hands 2020

People make our wheels turn

Our people are the secret to our exploding success. Snyk is a globally distributed organization, and we take pride in the diversity of our people, culture and experience. It’s the sheer diversity of our experiences and perspectives that drives our mission forward. We are deliberate about fostering an inclusive culture where everyone belongs and we consider each individual a part of the global Snyk family.

Accelerate your career

At Snyk’s pace of rapid growth, we can commit that you’ll be challenged, you’ll work on things you’ve never done before, and you’ll have the opportunity to build, design, create and have impact. Through a combination of learning investments, exposure to industry leaders, stretch projects and experiential opportunity, we aim for everyone’s career at Snyk to be a springboard for growth.