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Snyk provides 6 months of dev-first security services for free

Peter McKay CEO
March 19, 2020 | in Snyk Team
| By Peter McKay

As we all experience the growing anxiety around the health implications of COVID-19, and as we talk with customers about the developing impact on their businesses, we realize that budgets and business focus are shifting dramatically, day by day.

Therefore Snyk is offering our cloud native application security solutions free of charge for six months to global organizations that are hit hardest by the pandemic. This offer is available to organizations within the healthcare, hospitality, travel and entertainment industries.

We feel strongly that companies should not have to sacrifice the security of their application and software development as a result of this unexpected health pandemic. 

Despite the current crisis, it’s important to continue to prioritize security coverage and scale so that organizations can be confident that their use of open source is not creating new risk. Maintaining a focus on security can alleviate one more point of concern amidst so much uncertainty. 

By offering our security solutions for free for the next six months, Snyk is committing to helping businesses around the globe scale and automate security, giving developers the tools and guidance they need to help take on the demands of security responsibility and implementation. 

We are confident that we will all come through this together and we are here for the long haul.  We also invite any Snyk partners — resellers, alliances, and system integrators —  to join us in this effort to support the industries in need. 

Starting today we invite any business who wants to prioritize their application security to get in touch about how to get started quickly and cost-effectively. Contact us today at to learn more. 

Stay healthy and stay secure!