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Prioritizing container vulnerabilities with exploit maturity

Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to catch up on Snyk’s launch of prioritization features that work across our product line. But if you haven’t you should definitely check out our blog post on the Priority Score feature and how Snyk uses Kubernetes details to influence the prioritization of vulnerabilities. Today, we want to share another […]

September 9, 2020

Helping Python developers shift security left with a new PyCharm plugin

We’re happy to announce Snyk’s brand new PyCharm plugin, helping Python developers find and fix security and license issues in their open source dependencies as early as their first lines of code!  Tackling vulnerabilities within the IDE is an important part of shifting security left and enabling developers to take on more responsibility for security […]

September 8, 2020

Enhancing security testing for Go projects using DepGraphs

We’re happy to announce the vastly improved performance of security testing for Go projects via the Snyk CLI, in some cases improving scan time by more than 90%! This improvement—soon to be introduced in additional languages—was made possible by changes applied to our scanning method that enable Snyk to handle huge projects, even ones the […]

August 26, 2020

Announcing Snyk’s developer-first Infrastructure as Code security capabilities

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our developer-first Infrastructure as Code security capabilities, enabling developers to find and fix misconfigurations that can lead to security problems.  With the rise in popularity of technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform, developers are writing and maintaining more and more configuration in addition to building the application […]

August 17, 2020

Prioritizing vulnerabilities in Kubernetes deployments

Snyk has recently introduced a Priority Score to help prioritize vulnerabilities we detect, helping you identify the most important issues that need your attention. Prioritization and Snyk Container The new Priority Score is fully supported in Snyk Container. All of your container images will be scored based on the severity of the vulnerability, data we […]

August 6, 2020

Prioritization on steroids with Snyk’s new Priority Score

Snyk’s new Priority Score helps to drastically simplify one of the biggest challenges in using open source securely—working out which vulnerabilities to tackle first.  For most organizations, fixing all vulnerabilities is simply not feasible. Each change comes at a cost, and that cost often rises with the age and complexity of the software. The average […]

August 4, 2020

Optimizing prioritization with deep application-level context

Prioritizing vulnerability fixes is becoming increasingly difficult due to both the constant rise in the number of vulnerabilities and the complexity involved in assessing the risk they pose. Vulnerabilities are not born equal, and their risk variance is influenced by an array of objective and subjective factors. Effective prioritization depends on an accurate assessment of […]

July 28, 2020

Announcing Snyk’s developer-first prioritization capabilities

We’re excited to unveil Snyk’s developer-first prioritization capabilities, helping development and security teams prioritize fixes for security vulnerabilities in their open source dependencies and containers more effectively!  Organizations today are overwhelmed by growing amounts of vulnerabilities. Since they cannot fix each and every issue instantly, they must prioritize. Effective prioritization helps organizations to stay focused […]

July 22, 2020

Helping developers prioritize the security backlog

Today, developers are increasingly stepping up to fix the vulnerabilities in their apps, which is amazing. However, when they do so, they’re faced with a long backlog of vulnerabilities. Deciding which issue to address first is hard, requiring time and security expertise developers often don’t have. This is a chance for the right tools to […]

July 22, 2020

Fix vulnerabilities with confidence, with Snyk’s ML-powered Merge Advice

We’re excited to announce the beta release of Merge Advice—the latest enhancement to Snyk’s remediation capabilities that help you fix vulnerabilities reliably. Powered by machine learning, Merge Advice gives developers greater confidence to fix security vulnerabilities in their open source dependencies.  Investing in developer confidence The risk of introducing breaking changes to a branch means […]

June 2, 2020

Using Snyk to implement end-to-end DevSecOps on Microsoft Azure

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added support for Azure Repos Server, enabling developers using Azure’s on-prem DevOps service to identify and fix security vulnerabilities and license issues in open source dependencies.  The new integration complements our support across the Microsoft Azure ecosystem—starting with Azure Repos (cloud-based and now on-premises as well), and running through […]

May 26, 2020