How to use the sacremoses.util.is_cjk function in sacremoses

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few sacremoses examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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# Keep track of no. of quotation marks.
        quote_counts = {u"'": 0, u'"': 0, u"``": 0, u"`": 0, u"''": 0}

        # The *prepend_space* variable is used to control the "effects" of
        # detokenization as the function loops through the list of tokens and
        # changes the *prepend_space* accordingly as it sequentially checks
        # through the language specific and language independent conditions.
        prepend_space = " "
        detokenized_text = ""
        tokens = text.split()
        # Iterate through every token and apply language specific detokenization rule(s).
        for i, token in enumerate(iter(tokens)):
            # Check if the first char is CJK.
            if is_cjk(token[0]) and self.lang != "ko":
                # Perform left shift if this is a second consecutive CJK word.
                if i > 0 and is_cjk(tokens[i - 1][-1]):
                    detokenized_text += token
                # But do nothing special if this is a CJK word that doesn't follow a CJK word
                    detokenized_text += prepend_space + token
                prepend_space = " "
            # If it's a currency symbol.
            elif"^[" + self.IsSc + u"\(\[\{\¿\¡]+$", token):
                # Perform right shift on currency and other random punctuation items
                detokenized_text += prepend_space + token
                prepend_space = ""

            elif"^[\,\.\?\!\:\;\\\%\}\]\)]+$", token):
                # In French, these punctuations are prefixed with a non-breakable space.
                if self.lang == "fr" and"^[\?\!\:\;\\\%]$", token):
                    detokenized_text += " "
                # Perform left shift on punctuation items.