How to use the xregexp.matchRecursive function in xregexp

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few xregexp examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github GreenImp / rpg-dice-roller / src / dice-roll.js View on Github external
static parseNotation(notation){
      const parsed = [];

      // only continue if a notation was passed
      if(notation) {
        // build the regex for matching a die (including exploding and pool dice etc. notation)
        const dieRegex = DiceRoll.notationPatterns.get('dieFull', 'g');

        // split the notation into its parenthesis groupings
        const groups = XRegExp.matchRecursive(
          '\\(', '\\)',
            valueNames: [
              'between', 'left', 'match', 'right',

        // loop through each group and parse it
        groups.forEach(group => {
          if ( === 'match') {
            // this is a match within the parenthesis group (ie. `3d6+2` in `(3d6+2)*4`
            // recursively parse it in case it has nested parenthesis
github TheSharks / JagTag-JS / index.js View on Github external
const matchRecursive = str => XRegExp.matchRecursive(str, '{', '}', 'gi')
github jsoverson / preprocess / lib / preprocess.js View on Github external
function matchReplacePass(content) {
    var matches = XRegExp.matchRecursive(content, rule.start, rule.end, 'gmi', {
      valueNames: ['between', 'left', 'match', 'right']

    var matchGroup = {
      left: null,
      match: null,
      right: null

    return matches.reduce(function (builder, match) {
      switch( {
        case 'between':
          builder += match.value;
        case 'left':
          matchGroup.left = startRegex.exec(match.value);