How to use the regenerator-runtime/path.js.path function in regenerator-runtime

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few regenerator-runtime examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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    } catch (e) { this.emit('error', e); }

// To get a writable stream for use as a browserify transform, call
// require("regenerator")().
module.exports = exports;

// To include the runtime globally in the current node process, call
// require("regenerator").runtime().
function runtime() {
  regeneratorRuntime = require("regenerator-runtime");
exports.runtime = runtime;
runtime.path = require("regenerator-runtime/path.js").path;

var cachedRuntimeCode;
function getRuntimeCode() {
  return cachedRuntimeCode ||
    (cachedRuntimeCode = fs.readFileSync(runtime.path, "utf8"));

var transformOptions = {
  presets: [require("regenerator-preset")],
  parserOpts: {
    sourceType: "module",
    allowImportExportEverywhere: true,
    allowReturnOutsideFunction: true,
    allowSuperOutsideMethod: true,
    strictMode: false,
    plugins: ["*", "jsx", "flow"]


Runtime for Regenerator-compiled generator and async functions.

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