How to use the next-server/config.setConfig function in next-server

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few next-server examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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    nextExport: true,
    assetPrefix: nextConfig.assetPrefix.replace(/\/$/, ''),
    dev: false,
    staticMarkup: false,
    hotReloader: null

  const {serverRuntimeConfig, publicRuntimeConfig} = nextConfig

  if (publicRuntimeConfig) {
    renderOpts.runtimeConfig = publicRuntimeConfig


  // We need this for server rendering the Link component.
  global.__NEXT_DATA__ = {
    nextExport: true

  log(`  launching ${threads} threads with concurrency of ${concurrency} per thread`)
  const exportPathMap = await nextConfig.exportPathMap(defaultPathMap, {dev: false, dir, outDir, distDir, buildId})
  const exportPaths = Object.keys(exportPathMap)

  const progress = !options.silent && createProgress(exportPaths.length)

  const chunks = exportPaths.reduce((result, route, i) => {