How to use the nativescript-ui-listview.RadListView.itemSwipeProgressStartedEvent function in nativescript-ui-listview

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constructor() {
        super('radlistview', RadListView);
        let nativeView = this.nativeView;
        nativeView.itemViewLoader = (viewType: any): View => this.loadView(viewType)
        this.nativeView.on(RadListView.itemLoadingEvent, (args) => { this.updateListItem(args as ListViewEventData) });
        this.nativeView.on(RadListView.itemSwipeProgressStartedEvent, (args) => { this.updateSwipeItem(args as SwipeActionsEventData) });


A powerful data list control implementing a bunch of features native to the mobile world as item animations, pull-to-refresh, item layouts, load-on-demand, swipe-to-execute, etc.

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