How to use the join-monster-graphql-tools-adapter function in join-monster-graphql-tools-adapter

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import { execute, subscribe } from 'graphql';
import { SubscriptionServer } from 'subscriptions-transport-ws';
import joinMonsterAdapt from 'join-monster-graphql-tools-adapter';

import typeDefs from './schema';
import resolvers from './resolvers';
import models from './models';
import { refreshTokens } from './auth';
import joinMonsterMetadata from './joinMonsterMetadata';

const schema = makeExecutableSchema({

joinMonsterAdapt(schema, joinMonsterMetadata);

const SECRET = 'aslkdjlkaj10830912039jlkoaiuwerasdjflkasd';

const app = express();

const addUser = async (req, res, next) => {
  const token = req.headers['x-token'];
  if (token) {
    try {
      const { user } = jwt.verify(token, SECRET);
      req.user = user;
    } catch (err) {
      const refreshToken = req.headers['x-refresh-token'];
      const newTokens = await refreshTokens(token, refreshToken, models, SECRET);
      if (newTokens.token && newTokens.refreshToken) {


Fetch data for your graph-tools schema using join-monster.

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