How to use the eth-trezor-keyring.type function in eth-trezor-keyring

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github brave / ethereum-remote-client / app / scripts / metamask-controller.js View on Github external
async getKeyringForDevice (deviceName, hdPath = null) {
    let keyringName = null
    switch (deviceName) {
      case 'trezor':
        keyringName = TrezorKeyring.type
      case 'ledger':
        keyringName = LedgerBridgeKeyring.type
        throw new Error('MetamaskController:getKeyringForDevice - Unknown device')
    let keyring = await this.keyringController.getKeyringsByType(keyringName)[0]
    if (!keyring) {
      keyring = await this.keyringController.addNewKeyring(keyringName)
    if (hdPath && keyring.setHdPath) {
    } = this.networkController.getProviderConfig().type


A MetaMask compatible keyring, for trezor hardware wallets

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