How to use the cloudform function in cloudform

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few cloudform examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

github matthewkeil / nomad-devops / lib / deployment / deployCore.ts View on Github external

Creating stack with SSL certificate, ensure you have setup your name servers to point to route53 already.

In the cloudformation logs > events tab you will see the content of the DNS record you will need to create
in order for the certificate to be issued.  Once you see that,  enter the information into a CNAME record
and then wait for the stack to finish updating.


    const params: AWS.CloudFormation.CreateStackInput = {
        TemplateBody: CF(template),
        Capabilities: ["CAPABILITY_NAMED_IAM"]

    await handleStackCreateAndUpdate(params);
github matthewkeil / nomad-devops / aws / client.ts View on Github external

    if (branch === "master") {
        (template.Resources.ClientDistribution.Properties.DistributionConfig.Aliases as any).push(
        (template.Resources as any).ClientRootRecordSet = Object.assign({}, ClientRecordSet, {
            Properties: {
                Name: config.ROOT_DOMAIN

    return CF(template);